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After more than a year, I am coming back to your arms, Tumblr. Take me back? :) heaps of things gone through and we’ll see what’s in store to share and talk about. Yes, I have decided, I am in for opening up. It has been all about my interests and life stories, I could use some interactions too. The horizon is up for extension. I’m letting myself be spontaneous but in ties with my own self restrictions. Time to give it a go, one more time. Hello meatspace and Mr. Web! :D

Since when is pretension just to fit in a group, a cool thing? Never had I imagined that denying yourself your opportunity to grow as individual by being who exactly you are should favor yourself’s own merits. When people lived for years with full acknowledgement and love for a higher being we call ‘God’, I do not see exactly why at some point would these same people talk crap out of religion, of their own God, of my God or of other’s Gods, let alone make fun of it. Most probable reason I oftentimes encounter is they take pride of their wits, their logical thinking, or with their intellectual abilities to question everything. Dang brainiacs, you sure do know a lot about what you sense, but I tell you it’s all nothing less of a mundane. One thing these people missed out from school is how to respect. Right now I am furious and want to shove someone his ‘knowledge of the world’ right to his arse!

Thank you tumblr for being an outlet! whew. This isn’t how I wanted to do a comeback after I took a hiatus, but it is what it is. tsk. let me get this over with and move on.

ANd ohh to younger peeps out there, DO NOT feed and lure yourselves with awesomeness, ironic, di yan awesome! 

honor your GOD and be true to your feelings, youll reap the greatest reward. 

greeter got a tap from kynt! 

kynt never ceases to make me laugh…

first ep. is TBC leg, great! what do I expect, it’s all-stars, the show is up for ratings! it favors me though.. :))

Amazing Race Thoughts

One of the several things I am personally ecstatic about this year is The Amazing Race 18 Unfinished Business, and ya’ bet a lot of fans are waiting for it. I for one think that it is just the right time to make an all-star season for the second time. I was astounded thinking that I may be able to see my favorite racers doing the show once again, and yeah I could possibly stay up on the night before its airing because of excitement, like a kid on a Christmas eve.

At first, there were assumptions and then next were spoilers (which I am not a fan of).  basically what I am trying to say is, I know who the participants were, because of the spoilers I accidentally came across on the internet few days after they started filming the race, that was late part of November, I think. It was mixed emotions going through me at that time. It was bitter sweet, because one I am happy to know that some of my all-time favorite racers are back and disappointed on the other hand because of the other choice of racers they had put up. Here is the list of the participants from this link:

Jamie and CaraJamie Edmonson and Cara Rosenthal (Friends/former NFL cheerleaders)
You know them from: Season 14
Why they didn’t win the last time: "Our taxi driver in Hawaii got lost." – Jamie
What they learned about each other: "It didn’t change our relationship. Jamie and I were always teammates and this was an extension." – Cara
"There are teams that aren’t together any longer or friends anymore. I was a bridesmaid [at Cara’s] wedding. That speaks for itself." - Jamie
What they’d do with the money: ”Maybe buy a house? Pay off loans?” – Cara
"I’d put it into a retirement fund. That’s probably the most boring answer, but I’d put it all away." - Jamie

Kisha and JenKisha and Jen Hoffman (Sisters)
You know them from: Season 14
Why they didn’t win the last time: ”I left our bags on the dock.” – Kisha
"I didn’t communicate enough." - Jen
What they learned about each other: "I honestly can’t say that I learned anything that I didn’t already know. I knew that she could be could be competitive." - Kisha
"Being on the show the first time didn’t really change our relationship." - Jen
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ”Pay off debt and put a dent in my Mom’s home. Start a foundation for children.” - Kisha
"Invest in some properties." - Jen

Ron and ChristinaRon and Christina Hsu (Father/daughter)
You know them from: Season 12
Why they didn’t win last time: ”I wasn’t uplifting.” – Ron
"I didn’t take a deep breath at the final road block in Alaska." – Christina
What they learned about each other: ”We learned a lot. My dad has worked hard his whole life. Traveling together we were able to learn each other’s quirks. I learned my dad is very tireless and vivacious. We learned about different cultures.” – Christina
"I learned my daughter’s more mature than I ever thought. I cut her additional slack now and I’m learning to become a better parent." – Ron
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ”I want my dad to retire. Life’s not about work. It’s about spending time with family. I also want to buy a house with my fiance.” – Christina
"Retire and write the great American novel about my folks, who left a civil war in China." - Ron

Margie and LukeMargie and Luke Adams (Mother/son)
You know them from: Season 14
Why they didn’t win the last time: ”We made it to the final 3 but we were the last team to leave the airport. We caught up and got way ahead of the other teams. But we couldn’t figure out one of the challenges. If we had we could have won.” – Luke
What they learned about each other: "Doing the show the last time made us even closer." - Margie
"We were really, really close before. My mom was my interpreter most of the time. After our first race, I traveled and talked to a lot of groups in the deaf community about doing the race." – Luke
What they’ll do with the money: "Invest and buy a new car." - Luke

Mike and MelMel and Mike (Father/son)
You know them from: Season 14
Why they didn’t win the last time: "We got a bad cab driver, who didn’t listen to where we were going." - Mel
"The smart people leave less up to luck. Last time we played nice. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do well again and show that you don’t have to play dirty to do well." – Mike
What they learned about each other: ”My dad has a lot of stamina.” – Mike
"Together we’re 110 years old." – Mel
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ”There are people I’d love to help out.” – Mike
"I have 59 orphans in Cambodia. It’d be nice to have money for a program for streets kids in Bali. The rest I’d spend on a jaguar." – Mel

jet and cord mccoyJet and Cord McCoy (Cowboy brothers)
You know them from: Season 16
Why they didn’t win the last time: ”Our opponents were in first class on the plane. They got off the plane first. There was never an opportunity to overcome that. You can’t say it was anyone’s fault.” – Cord
"I left a coconut behind. That cost us to come in last during one of the challenges." – Jet
What they learned about each other: ”I think I’m more grateful for him.” – Jet
What they’ll do with the money if they win: " It’d be great to have a million dollars, but I don’t know what I’d do differently. I’d probably start with buying some more feed." – Cord
"I’ll wait ‘til I cross that bridge." – Jet

Zev and JustinZev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew (Friends)
You know them from: Season 15
Why they didn’t win the last time: ”I lost Zev’s passport in a Monastary in Cambodia. I reached into my fanny pack to pull out a head light and it must have fallen out. Later, it was turned into the embassy.” – Justin
"I forgave him right away. It was an accident. He didn’t do it on purpose." - Zev
What they learned about each other: ”Our relationship got stronger. We built more fun times and memories together.” – Zev
"Zev was great about forgiving me." – Justin
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ”I’ll move out of my current living situation and find some new roommates. I live with my parents and my sister.” – Zev
"I might travel and eat better. I’d stay put and buy a few important people some nice things." – Justin

Kynt and VyxsinKynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala (Dating)
You know them from: Season 12
Why they didn’t win the last time: ”Kynt practiced on the stick shift, but not enough. In Italy, we destroyed the clutch of our vehicle. We made it one more leg.” – Vyxsin
What they learned about each other: ”We were already close, but I saw a side to Kynt that I’d never seen before. He’s really athletic.” – Vyxsin
"I saw how resourceful she can be, scaling up walls of castles. She’s a pink-haired Laura Croft." – Kynt
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ’This is going to give Vyxsin’s and my family something to really rally behind. When I told my mom that we were racing again, she started crying. We’re dedicating the race to my [late] dad. This is for our whole families. If we win I’d like to take a vacation that doesn’t involve little yellow envelopes.” – Kynt

Amanda and KrisAmanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka (Engaged)
You know them from: Season 14
Why they didn’t win the last time: "We were naïve and we trusted too many other teams. We forgot we were racing for a million dollars." – Amanda
"We put too much trust in teams that we thought were friends." – Kris
What they learned about each other: "Sometimes he second guesses my judgment. He needs to remember we are both natural leaders and I have much to bring to the table as well." – Amanda
"Amanda doesn’t like to be wrong and sometimes it is very hard to get through to her." - Kris
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ”Purchase our first house. Some of the money would go towards our wedding.” – Amanda
"I’d put some of it towards a house, some to our wedding and invest the rest." – Kris

Herb and NateHerb Lang and Nate Lofton (Teammates, The Harlem Globetrotters)
You know them from: Season 15
Why they didn’t win the last time: "Trusting that [another competitor] would keep his word." – Herb
"Over-thinking the game and not concentrating." – Nate
What they learned about each other: ”He’s too nice.” – Nate
"He snores like you wouldn’t believe!" - Herb
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ”Invest some and donate some to charity.” – Herb
"I want to open a gym in the neighborhood where I grew up." – Nate

Gary and MalloryGary and Mallory Ervin (Father/daughter)
You know them from: Season 17
Why they didn’t win the last time: ”Not turning around earlier in Oman.” –Mallory
"We got lost in Oman." - Gary
What they learned about each other: "She talks too much!" – Gary
"My dad is laid back and moves a little slower than me. - Mallory
What they’ll do with the money if they win: ”I’d give some of it to the Catholic school I attended. I’d use the rest to begin my life and career.” – Mallory
"I’d give it away." – Gary

Unfinished Business. The theme of the season. Racers who didn’t win the race are given one more chance to redeem themselves for another opportunity of a lifetime. I am over the moon after I learned that the cowboys, kynt and  vyxsin, chris and ron, amanda and kris, are part of this season. They are teams that I once rooted, but to my dismay, didnt make it.  I was a bit furious when I first noticed that almost half of the teams were from season 14. Yes, there are five teams from 1 season which I am not happy about. I was hoping that team jumba or Brooke and Claire were a part of this. It was rumored that Claire and Brooke were  picked but Claire was already pregnant at the time so they chose another team instead, but why not team jumba!!! lol Obviously, they have brought back margie and luke and tisha and jen (who were eliminated in their season because they needed to piss before they checked in lol) to continue the drama they started in season 14. Deym. And Im not happy to see the globetrotters again.  TAR needs villains to make the show more interesting and I think they were hand-picked by the producers because of that reason. Sam and Dan, the gay brothers would have been an interesting pick from season 15 instead of the 2 black blokes. Anyho,  I couldn’t be happier because it’s only 2 days to go and happy Mondays are back! 

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.: If Supernatural Fans had a school dedicated to them.. This is what would happen.



Forget School Buses we would ride 1967 Chevrolet Impalas to school.

Forget that dull cafeteria food we would eat PIE.

Instead of having sports teams such as soccer we would have a demon hunting teams.

Instead of singing the national anthem every morning we would sing Carry On My Wayward Son.

Forget the no eating during class rule, everyone will be served PUDDING!

Forget school started at like 8:30am. School would start at least at 10:30am because us demon hunters do most of our hunting at night.

Instead of practicing fire drills we would practice demon drills where we would have to do such things as salt the windows.

We would forget having a boring principal, Misha Collins will be the new principal.

Of course those boring teachers will be replaced with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well as Richard Speight Jr.

Lets not forget the uniform. Forget those fugly uniforms people usually where, we’d be wearing plaid shirts, leather jackets, and jeans baby. A trenchcoat is also acceptable. 

Everyone would learn how to do the monkey dance and we will also have to grave dance.

And more importantly in normal schools being abnormal isn’t normal  but at our school ABNORMAL IS NORMAL.

And we’d all be one big happy SUPERNATURAL FAMILY.


more cute animal pictures HERE

I need to have this in my page. 


more cute animal pictures HERE

I need to have this in my page. 

'Survivor: Redemption Island' cast announced

Sixteen of “Survivor: Redemption Island’s” 18 castmembers were announced today by CBS.

The reality show’s 22nd season newcomers are joined by two former Castaways, to be named later this week, also competing for the million-dollar prize and “one last shot at redemption.”

The delayed announcement is sure to fuel the campfirerumors that this season—the second in a row to be filmed in Nicaragua—would feature a showdown between all-timers Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz.

Also unclear is what role the two vets will play in the series’ new twist: instead of immediately leaving the game, a voted-off Castaway is sent to the isolated Redemption Island, living alone in exile until joined by the next person eliminated at Tribal Council. The two compete in a duel, with the loser of the showdown going home while the winner continues on for a chance to return to the game and vie for the title of Sole Survivor.

A month old news that I haven’t reacted on.  So, yes, this Redemption Island season was basically inspired by Survivor Philippines Palau, catchy.  Another interesting twist will be Boston Rob’s and Russel’s comebacks. Quite annoying to me,  I just don’t get what the production is trying to put up. Obviously they wanted a rematch of the russel and rob show, a bit predictable and cheesy. They probably want to maximize the ‘redemption’ theme of the season and want to show that someone would  live up to it and ‘redeem’ himself. Rob and Russell are my favorite villains of Survivor, and although I want one of them to win the title, my heart still is shouting for one of the new castaways to clinch it.


If you seek, how is that different from pursuing sound and form? 
If you don’t seek, how are you different from earth, wood, or stone? 
You must seek without seeking.
~Foyan (1067-1120)
 (Photo by Viktor Periakin)


If you seek, how is that different from pursuing sound and form?

If you don’t seek, how are you different from earth, wood, or stone?

You must seek without seeking.

~Foyan (1067-1120)

 (Photo by Viktor Periakin)

Do we still consider some words as kind even they are lies? I don’t get it, really. I grew up in an environment where people speak their mind, keeping some tact of course. You know that cliche ‘Id rather be hurt by truth than be comforted with a lie’? Hell, yes, I dwell on it. That’s rational. This is probably where my sentiment is coming from. There are people who would try to please or in some cases make you feel any better, and say pleasant words (holds truth if they actually live up their real essence). But there are times when you are totally aware that things falter and or falls incessantly, and you’d hear words that are exactly different from what you think of. It’s chaos in mind. There was this one instance in the past, when I have set up a dish that was too salty and some of my cousins said it was good. I was laughing in the inside. I did not say thank you for the kind(?) words, because I know what they were up to. I just told them that I know it was salty and that they don’t have to sugarcoat everything. Honestly at that time, I was disappointed because I thought at some point they underestimated my level of understanding. I’d rather people tell me what a loser I am in the face than them lying to me. It’s sort of insulting my capability of taking negative remarks, which I know, in fact, I am good at. Lol

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